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Our Work: Events & Services

Whether it's a Sunday morning service or an evening revival, God's Work Through Mime is always excited to go2work wherever we are called. G.W.T. is strategic in our preparation for each and every event. Our prayer is that your ministry is impacted (not just touched) by the experience that takes place during your service. We say "experience" because we pray that God shows up each and every time we go2work. We allow for him to dictate the atmosphere, and for your service to be under the subjection of his spirit. We also pray that by the end of your experience with G.W.T. you will truly be able to join with us when we say, "Glory to God!"

Workshops & Conferences

God's Work Through Mime has had the pleasure of sharing with many different churches and their ministries. One way that we go2work is through offering workshop experiences to any ministry that would like to grow in the art of mime/performing arts. Each leader within the ministry of G.W.T. has been blessed with the experience in teaching, growing, and leading performning arts ministries across the country. Our mission drives us to administer the work of God. We believe that pouring into the body of Christ is an ideal way to serve, and expand the kingdom of God! From paint tutorials and choreography consultation to drama exercises and life coaching, G.W.T. will not stop until we allow for your ministry to grow2work!


God's Work Through Mime loves to serve! We also believe that serving extends far beyond the paint. G.W.T. is an active member in the community of the Metro-Detroit area, and we take pride in participating in community service events. Volunteering at youth community services, donating time at youth camps, extending our hand in partnerships with other organizations to serve, is the least that we can do to give back that which God has blessed us with. Each one of our members understands that ministry is more than what happens in the paint, but it is our lifestyle and how we can best serve our fellow man. Our founder pushes to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God so that he may continue his perfect work through us. We go2work by reaching out to the community, and serving those so that God's work can be extended amongst ALL people! When this happens we believe that our work has the potential to be rewarded with God's ultimate reward. Partner with us, and let us serve with you!

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